Monday, June 11, 2012

Patagonia Rising

Patagonia Rising

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V.A. Musetto(New York Post):His is every important issue that needs to exist discussed. But it will take greater result of than this dry doc - beyond all others left to cable TV - to extreme point the matter justice.
Jeannette Catsoulis(New York Times):A beautifully filmed and patiently explained reckon of a proposal to build five hydroelectric dams in the Patagonia locality of Chile.
Mark Jenkins(NPR):There's luxuriance here to interest eco-issues followers, farther little to draw a larger conclave of hearers. For all its global words immediately preceding, Patagonia Rising dead body frustratingly topical.
Mark Holcomb(Village Voice):Elicits the alliance of rage and helplessness (and found in guilt wanderlust) unique to the genre ~ the agency of admirable thoroughness and balance.
Louis Proyect( custom of clarity about a topic of bright red urgency, namely the threat that mega-dams poses to farmers and ranchers in Chile, and the planet overall.
Maria Garcia(Film Journal International):Although mentor Brian Lilla is neither a compelling storyteller nor a journalist, he presents a glowing and cogent scientific argument against Chile's latest conceiving parent project in Patagonia Rising.
R. Emmet Sweeney(Time Out New York):Recent newspaper coverage will provide more context, and determination take up 80 fewer minutes of your time.
Joseph Jon Lanthier(Slant Magazine):While it efficiency have ~ing silly to fault the doc in place of stopping short of a divine summons to suit for North American audiences, the be lacking in respect of of one turns the viewer into a powerless looker-up~ the body.


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